Podcast Ep. 20 Mariah Lip Synching and a Bruce Jenner Breakup

Comedian and actress Jade Catta-Preta is here to debate:

1. Is it ever okay for Mariah Carey (queen of pop) to lip sync?


2. Should Bruce Jenner divorce Kris Jenner?

Speed round topics cover New Yorkers’ new domain, stealing from Tiffany’s and hot dogs vs. hamburgers.

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Podcast Ep. 19  Firing Paula Deen and Walking Across the Grand Canyon

Comedian Nick Youssef is here to debate:

1. Should Paula Deen have been fired from the Food Network?


2. Should people risk their lives merely for entertainment?

Speed round topics include clothes whore Paris Hilton, 58 pages of holiday planning and Bostonians beating up Aaron Carter on NKOTB turf.

Check out Nick on twitter at @NickYoussef or his website.


Podcast Ep. 18 Amanda Bynes’ Fake Freakout and Kobe’s Old Shit

Comedian Theo Von is here to debate:

1. Has all of Amanda Bynes recent craziness been an act?


2. Do Kobe’s parents have the right to sell his old high school memorabilia?

In the speed round we tackle Kimye’s baby name, the scapegoat of the naked yoga pants-gate and an overbearing French MILF.

Check out Theo’s website or @TheoVon or his daily web series on Yahoo! Prime Time in No Time.


Podcast Ep. 17 Mike Tyson at the Tonys and Bikini-less Beauty Pageants

Comedian Sam Tripoli is here to debate:

1. Does Mike Tyson belong at the Tonys?


2. Should there be a bikini contest at the Miss World Pageant?

In the speed round we tackle butts in New Jersey, music on MTV and Paris Hilton’s new album.

Check out Sam’s website  or on twitter at @SamTripoli or his podcast The Naughty Show.


Podcast Ep. 16 Game of Thrones Mania and the Perils of Being Pretty

Comedian Jon Huck is here to debate:

1. Are people making too big a deal out of Game of Thrones?


2. Does it suck to be pretty?

In the speed round we tackle roided out baseballers, college degrees by Dr. Dre and Google Glass porn.

Check out Jon’s website www.jonhuck.me or on twitter at @JonHuck.

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Podcast Ep. 15 Grumpy Cat the Star and My Big Fat Gay Movie

Comedian Ed Galvez is here to debate:

1. Does Grumpy Cat deserve a movie deal?


2. With the success of “Behind the Candelabra”, in Hollywood terms, will gay be the new vampire?

In the speed round we tackle Beyonce’s sexy curves, Will Smith & Co. ruining movies forever and a “Game of Thrones” wedding*.

Check out Ed’s website www.edgalvez.net or on twitter at @edgalvez.

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* CORRECTION! As it turns out, Julia didn’t completely read the post about Sean Parker’s wedding and he did not, in fact, marry the ACTUAL Khaleesi… he married a Khaleesi look-a-like. Ummmm, sorry.


Podcast Ep. 14 Stern the Sell Out and the Overrated Taylor Swift

Comedian and movie critic Mark Ellis is here to debate:

1. Is Howard Stern selling out?


2. Is Taylor Swift overrated?

In the speed round we cover googling Amanda Bynes, funny ladies and Kendall Jenner’s complete f**king idiocy.

Check out Mark’s website Schmoes Know or on twitter at @ellis5150


Podcast Ep. 13 The Rolling Stones’ Quittin’ Time & Replacing the Real Housewives

Comedian and twitter superstar Lauren Ashley Bishop is here to debate:

1. Should The Rolling Stones call it quits?


2. Are all the Real Housewives replaceable?

In the speed round we cover Jaden Smith’s possible emancipation, Amy’s Baking Company’s continuing Kitchen Nightmares and boobs-free in NYC — are we ready for that?

Check out Lauren on twitter at @sbellelauren!


Podcast Ep. 12 Rihanna’s Twitter Break Up and McDonalds’ Best Spokesperson

Kira Soltanovich is here to debate:

1. Given the recent public break up of Rihanna and Chris Brown, should we be breaking up on Twitter?


2. Should Charles Ramsey be the new spokesperson for McDonalds?

Speed round topics include Spice Girls calling it quits, Selena Gomez’s bindi issues and quitting college for money.

Check out Kira at www.kiracomedy.com and on Twitter @kiracomedy!


Podcast Ep. 11 More Iron Man & Rocky the Musical

Patrick Keane is here to debate:

1. Do we really want an Iron Man 3?


2. Should they turn Rocky into a musical?

Speed round topics include Jason Collins being gay in the NBA, Tornado Week on the Weather Channel and Reese Witherspoon’s drunken ramblings.

Check out Patrick at www.citizenkeane.com and on Twitter

Now, watch these poor Weather Channel interns…



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